Local Road Routes

There are some popular road-based routes to run in Chattanooga, for those runners who want to get out of the parks, but also don’t want to be on trails.  Here are some of our favorite places to run on the road.


Chattanooga Chase Route – North Chattanooga/Riverview

This 5-mile course takes you through the Riverview neighborhood, with a gradual-to-steep climb and fast descent through a residential area and golf course.  Runners in the Chattanooga area have been running this route for almost 100 years!

Start at Riverview Park, roughly at the corner of Barton Avenue and Riverview Road.  Take Riverview Road south to Dorchester Road and turn right.  (Look for the “No Outlet” sign.)  Turn left at the end of Dorchester, Concord, North, and Devonshire (each road ends where the left onto the next road begins) until you reconnect to Dorchester, and then turn right.  Turn right again when you get back to Riverview Road.  Stay on Riverview and turn right when it connects to Falmouth.  Keep going straight on Riverview when it becomes Sunset Road (the road will “fork” into three streets, choose the middle one) and continue on that same road, which will become Woodhill Drive.

When you reach Hixson Pike, turn right, and this is where the climb begins.  From there, take a right onto Minnekahda Place and keep heading up the hill.  Stay on Minnekahda Place until it connects to Minnekahda Road (it connects to Minnekahda TRAIL first; don’t turn onto that road.)  Keep heading up until you reach the metal gate at the top of the hill.  Many runners turn around at the gate and head back down to Riverview Park, resulting in a roughly 5 mile run.  For the Chattanooga Chase route, though, you go through the gate to Minnekahda Road on the other side.

At this point, it’s a fun and fast downhill on Minnekahda Road.  Take a left on Edgewood Circle, then turn right at the next two intersections (where Edgewood Circle meets Edgewood Lane.)  Edgewood Circle will reconnect to Minnekahda Road at Winding Way.  Turn left on Winding Way and then left onto Riverview Road, which will take you back down to where you started.

This is mostly a residential area, so keep an eye out for cars and dogs.  A great way to add a challenging hill into your running routine!


Missionary Ridge

You can get in about four miles of rolling hills on the top of Missionary Ridge, between Brainerd and downtown.  Park at Bragg’s Reservation and head south on South Crest Road.  East Crest Road is a great turnaround point, about two miles from Bragg’s Reservation.  South Crest Road has some rolling hills, and this route will result in about 100 feet of total climbing.


Moccasin Bend – North Chattanooga

This super flat route takes you from the Northshore down to Moccasin Bend Hospital, resulting in an out-and-back run that can go up to 8 miles, depending on where you start.  Many runners like parking at Coolidge Park, so that you’ll have some soft grass to stretch on when you return from your run.

Take Frazier Avenue west until you get to Manufacturers Rd.  Turn left on Manufacturers road and continue until Hamm Road, where you will also take a left.  One more left onto Moccasin Bend Road, which you will follow until you get to Moccasin Bend Mental Health Institute.  This is your turn around point, for the longest route, but obviously you can turn around at any point in order to reach your desired mileage.

Manufacturer’s Road is heavily trafficked, but there are sidewalks.  Once you get onto Hamm Road, and especially Moccasin Bend Road, depending on the time of day, you will likely encounter little to no vehicular traffic.  There is a wide shoulder on Hamm Road, and Moccasin Bend Road is usually extremely light on traffic.


The Bridges – Downtown Chattanooga

Whether you’re a UTC student or you work downtown, there are runners tackling the bridges over the Tennessee River near downtown all the time.  The Walnut Street Bridge is a pedestrian bridge with a wood plank surface that connects Walnut Street downtown to Frazier Avenue to the north.  Once on Frazier, you can head east to Veteran’s Bridge, to get what is arguably the best view of downtown from a pedestrian point of view.  Or, you can head west on Frazier to connect to the Market Street bridge, which joins downtown at the Tennessee Aquarium.


Mowbray Mountain – Soddy Daisy

For a challenging steady climb, join the masochist runners heading up Mowbray Mountain.  From Dayton Pike in Soddy Daisy, head up Mountain Road, which becomes Mowbray Pike.  You find about two straight miles of a steady incline – over 800 feet of climbing without a break.  You’ll be rewarded on your way back down, because a steady uphill climb means a steady downhill descent!


Run on the roads at your own risk.  We recommend that you do not use headphones when running on roads with traffic.  Run against the flow of traffic and be sure to wear visible clothing.