Run Amok – Rules

Time Limit
The time limit for the Saturday morning start half marathon, marathon, 50K, and 50 mile races is 36-ish hours. Sunday morning half marathoners have roughly 6 hours to complete the course. As long as you are upright and moving forward, we won’t tell you to stop. Walkers are welcome!

We would prefer to have our 50 milers off the course by 10pm. If you think you will take longer than 14 hours, an early start time of 6am is available. We don’t remove people from the course unless we deem them medically unable to continue, so if you’re still going after 10pm, we’ll be out supporting you!

Drop Bags
Drop bags will be allowed at the pavilion at race headquarters (the Harrison Bay Group Camp.) You’re welcome to bring a chair if you’d like, and there are picnic tables at the pavilion that you may use.

Please label all drop bags with your last name and your bib number.

You may also park your vehicle in the marina parking lot (space permitting) and retrieve personal items from it during the race. Any drop bags left at the pavilion after 3pm on Sunday will be discarded.

There will be no medical checks before, during, or after the race. We will have volunteers available who are trained in CPR and basic first aid. Each participant is responsible for knowing his or her own physical limitations. EMS will be available if anyone should run into any problems.

If, in the opinion of the race director, aid station captains, or park rangers, your physical or mental condition has endangered your safety and/or the safety of others, you will be withdrawn from the race.

Crews and Pacers
Crews are welcome to assist you. We ask that only one vehicle per runner is parked at the group camp due to limited space. Additional crew members and pacers may park at the large parking lot by the pool at Harrison Bay State Park or by the second aid station near the marina.

Pacers are allowed in the 50 mile race after you reach the 30 mile mark. Pacers are required to wear a pacer bib and must purchase a pacer wristband, which gives them access to food and drink at the aid stations. Muling is allowed.

Crew members and pacers may NOT use bicycles to accompany or crew runners on the course at any time. Crew members may access aid stations via paved park roads.

Runners are responsible for checking in with lap counters and finish line timing staff during each lap. Make sure your number is visible and help us by shouting it out when you approach timing staff at each location. If you do not check in, we cannot guarantee that we will have accurate split times or a finish time for you. Runners who do not check in with the timing table when they finish will not receive a finish time.

You may drop down to a shorter distance mid-race and receive a finish time, or you may move up to a longer distance if you’re feeling good, but you MUST inform the main timing table staff at the start/finish.

There will be no awards ceremony. We give awards to the final finishers (the perseverance award) of each race.