The Swag – Raccoon Mountain Marathon, Half Marathon and Relay

Finishers of all distances (including relay teams) will receive a locally handmade wooden medal with your name on it! Marathoners and half marathoners completing their chosen distance for the first time will receive a special gift.

All participants in 2018 will receive a glass beer mug and another swag item (we’re narrowing it down!) First time participants receive a complimentary coonskin cap.*

There is no participant shirt, but cotton race shirts in short-sleeved and long-sleeved styles, along with hoodies, can be ordered as an add-on item on the registration form, along with extra coonskin caps, coffee mugs, running hats and other gear.

There’s more swag to be had, but if we spill all the beans, we ruin all the fun surprises!

*The cap part of the coonskin caps is made with synthetic fur; there is a real raccoon tail attached. Please do not feel compelled to take and/or wear the cap if you do not feel comfortable doing so for whatever reason.