The Course – Raccoon Mountain Marathon, Half Marathon and Relay

The original course combines the best of Chattanooga’s worlds – part road and part trail. All races begin at Laurel Point on top of Raccoon Mountain.

Runners traveling on the original course head up to the road around the reservoir dam and stay on the road for the first 3-ish miles. (Super precise, we know!) There is an aid station just past mile 3. At that point, runners will head onto the trails around the Switchyard and the east side of the mountain for about another 3-ish miles.


The next aid station is at the 6-ish mile mark, at the East Overlook.


Miles 7-ish through 10-ish take runners back onto the road up the east side of the rim road, revisiting the Switchyard aid station, then back down toward Laurel Point. Then it’s a quick stop at an aid station before heading back onto the trails to the finish at Laurel Point for half marathoners.

Marathoners turn around and do the entire course backwards. PM half marathoners will follow the second half course, going counter-clockwise. Yes, that means a fantastic downhill finish down to Laurel Point!


Aid stations and port-o-potties will be available approximately every 3 miles, and before/after each trail section. Peeing in the woods is unnecessary!


Runners taking on the all trail half marathon will pop off the trails to visit some aid stations. Due to the locations of the trails, all trail half marathoners may want to carry a hydration system like a Camelbak or handheld bottle to hydrate between aid stations, since you may go up to 5 miles between aid stations.

10K runners use the rim road – no trails for you! Aid stations are at mile 3 and an optional aid station at mile 4.5ish.

Doing the new all-road half marathon? You’ll do two loops (with a little extra, because we like our courses to measure accurately) of the 10K course.

The course is NOT flat and not fast. Hills keep things interesting and easy is boring! The course is not exceptionally difficult, but it is challenging. The trails are not super technical, and trail shoes are not necessary, although some prefer to wear them. The rocks can be slippery, so use caution!

Personalized signs are back for 2018! Every single runner that is registered at least one week prior to race day will have a sign with their name on it on the course!


Don’t expect to PR here. DO expect to have a great time!