Our Race Philosophy

If it’s not fun, why bother?

The #1 Awesomesauce and Run Chattanooga goal, in everything we do, is to create a fun and supportive atmosphere. If you are looking for a super serious race, there are plenty of them available across the country and the world. This is not one of them.

If you’ve never been part of an Awesomesauce or Run Chattanooga event, you should know that we’re a little unconventional. This race won’t be like any other race you’ve run before. This course is not flat and it’s not fast. It’s not certified, and it never will be. (Marathon Maniacs, Half Fanatics, and 50 Staters – this race DOES meet all requirements to count for those clubs.)


We don’t send text messages with your mile splits to your family in Topeka, we don’t sell 4×6 photos of you crossing the finish line for $50 each. There will be no pacers, no rock bands, no big crowds. We’re grassroots and we love it. There will be more spectators with four legs than with two. You’ll have an official time, but it will be measured by a human, not a timing chip. Your medal will be handmade locally, not shipped in from China. Our rule when sourcing swag and supplies is that we try to use Chattanooga-based companies first, then Tennessee-based companies, then U.S. companies.

As one past participant put it, “Nobody loves a runner like the Raccoon Mountain Marathon.”


The Raccoon Mountain Marathon, Half Marathon, and Relay isn’t about flash and sparkle. It’s about running in a beautiful location on a challenging course with fun people. It’s about having a great time with old friends and making new friends. It’s about experiencing some of the best running that Chattanooga has to offer – on both trails AND roads. It’s about pushing yourself to do something a little harder or a little different. It’s about setting a goal and accomplishing it. It’s about having a memorable experience.

The aid stations are stocked with everything you need and everything you never knew you wanted. The volunteers will be cheering for you and doing everything they can to help you finish with a smile on your face. We don’t just want you to get across the finish line, we want you to have a blast on your way there!


There is a 9 hour cut off for both the marathon and AM half marathons which makes this race WALKER FRIENDLY. Celebrate your accomplishment with a medal, a coonskin cap for first year participants, and some as-yet-unconfirmed-but-we-promise-you’ll-like-it swag.