Local Focus

The Raccoon Mountain Marathon, Half Marathon, Double Half and Relay are completely locally owned and produced. The event planners specifically seek out ways to support local businesses in all aspects of the event, even when that means having to pay a little bit more for products and services.

Run Chattanooga produces the Raccoon Mountain Marathon, Half Marathon, Double Half and Relay from start to finish, a year-long process. Every member of the planning committee lives in Hamilton County, either in Chattanooga proper or in one of the surrounding suburbs. The original concept was created by Run Chattanooga founder Courtney Bird.

Run Chattanooga does not receive any funding or in-kind services from the city of Chattanooga, Hamilton County, the state of Tennessee, or any other government municipality. The club, which hosts free workouts and group runs for all abilities six days a week, along with free events on a regular basis (including two free half marathons), is fully funded with proceeds from this one event, as well as merchandise sales and private donations. Unlike some other running clubs, there are no membership fees and no paid staff members; everyone is a volunteer.

Most aspects of Run Chattanooga’s day-to-day operations and events are handled locally, from using a local credit union, local insurance provider, local graphic designer, partnering with local running shoe stores and businesses to cross-promote, and more!

The medals from year one were handmade locally by artists on Lookout Mountain. We will continue the tradition of locally designed and produced finisher’s medals in year two. We do not purchase medals from China.

Merchandise and swag are all purchased from local companies. While many source the actual products from out of town (because there isn’t a shirt or bag manufacturer in the area), all printing, embroidery, and other embellishing is done locally by small businesses. Even the host hotels for this event are locally owned.

The pre-race pasta dinner is being produced by a local school, Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences. 100% of the proceeds from the dinner directly benefit student groups at that school. The entire dinner will be produced and staffed by parent volunteers and students. We are so excited to add this to our second year event! It will not only allow us more space for our pasta dinner and a longer period of time to have dinner and do packet pickup, but it also directly benefits local education. Everyone wins!

If we can’t find a product or service we need in our immediate local area, our next step is to look for it in the state of Tennessee. We are proud of our local and statewide talent and services and choose to support them whenever possible. Thank you for supporting this race, which not only supports our out-of-the-ordinary running club, but also, in turn, supports numerous local businesses.