Freeze Your Half Off Half Marathon in Chattanooga

This event WILL be back for a fourth year in 2018 and we’re going for two days in a row again! That’s right, two separate half marathons, one on Saturday 1/6/18 and a second on Sunday 1/7/17. Register here and follow the Facebook page here!

Burn off those holiday calories, make some friends, have a great time!

The Raccoon Mountain Marathon, Half Marathon and Relay training plan calls for a 13 mile run for anyone training for the marathon. We thought it would be more fun to do a race-type event, so we’re turning it into a free half marathon!

The course is a multi-loop/out-and-back type of thing where you’ll pass the “aid station” more than once. We’ve got drinks and snacks covered, and at the finish line you’ll find an all-you-can-eat cereal buffet, including cold cereals, oatmeal, and yogurt with all the toppings! Lucky for you, your medal is a giant coffee mug that can hold all of these things!

There is no time limit, so walkers are welcome! We’d also love some volunteers to come ring a cowbell, give out high fives, and enjoy the camaraderie!

This is a no t-shirt, no pressure, no whining, no time limit event. If you want to run fast and treat this like a race – go for it! If you want to walk the whole thing – you can do that too! We will have tables to put your fuel/drinks out, we’ll hold your layers as you take them off when you warm up, and we’ll have some cheerleaders.

Visit the registration page for details on costs, location, start times, and more!