Mo’ Bell Race Weekend

Friday Night – 8/4/17
Packet pickup is from 5-8pm at the Group Camp Dining Hall.

Dinner will be served at the Dining Hall beginning at 6pm on Friday, August 4th. Pasta with sauce (meat sauce and vegetarian sauces), bread, salad, and dessert will be available. Water, Gatorade, sodas, and sweet tea will be available to drink.

Included for all race participants and paid pacers or spectators with wristbands. Please pre-register for dinner when you register for the race so we can plan to have enough food! Running out of food is a no-no in our book, but if you show up with your extended family, and all of Aunt Edna’s neighbors, and your best friend and her softball team, without giving us fair warning, well, we might just run out.

Saturday – 8/5/17
Packet pickup begins at 5am at the Dining Hall. Packet pickup for night races or Sunday races is available all day on Saturday.

If the lights are on in the Dining Hall, you are welcome to come in. In this case, if the lights are on, it usually means somebody is home. We’ll have coffee going and breakfast foods out throughout the morning. Please don’t come into the kitchen unless you are a volunteer who is cooking. Also, fair warning, your RD is a really fun person, but she’s not a morning person. Don’t be offended if there’s not much pep in her step first thing in the a.m.

Runners of any distance are invited to hang out all day at the group camp after finishing your race. You can cheer for your fellow runners as they finish, and we will have a campfire going at night. Runners going half marathon distance or further, as well as anyone with a wristband, are entitled to food all day long.

Sunday – 8/6/17
A waffle breakfast will be served at the Dining Hall on Sunday at 9am. We take the toppings from the ice cream sundae bar, and they become the toppings for the waffle bar. Neat trick, huh? We’ll keep the food going until the last runner finishes!

Food will be available at the group camp dining hall all weekend. If the lights are on, you’re welcome to come in and grab something to eat! We ask that runners and spectators stay out of the kitchen area for safety reasons.