Mo’ Bell

Part camp out, part race, all fun!

Mo’ Bell is a Run Tennessee event, produced by the crazy kids at Run Chattanooga! Whether it’s your first half marathon, your first ultramarathon, or your fiftieth, we promise you’ll have a great time!

Location:  Montgomery Bell State Park, 1020 Jackson Hill Rd, Burns, TN 37029
Montgomery Bell State Park is about 30 miles west of Nashville.

Races available at this event:
100 Miles – 8/5/17  7am
100K – 8/5/17  7am
50 Miles – 8/5/17  7am
50K – 8/5/17  7am
Marathon – 8/5/17  7am, 8/6/17  7am
Half Marathon – 8/5/17  7am, 8/5/17  7pm, 8/6/17  7am
10K – 8/5/17  7am, 8/6/17  7am
5K – 8/5/17  7am, 8/6/17  7am
One mile fun run – 8/5/17  7am

Each start time is considered a separate race, so feel free to run at the day/time that works for you, or run multiple races!

There is a 55-hour(ish) time limit on ALL distances for the races that start on Saturday morning. 36-hour(ish) time limit on the races that start on Sunday morning.

If you are still out on the course after time is up, as long as you are making forward progress, we’ll stay out with you! We have to be checked out of the dining hall by noon on Monday, but we have been given permission to hang out to wait for finishers.

Your registration fee includes a pair of pajama pants for all distances (with the exception of the one mile fun runners, who will receive a cotton t-shirt), a finisher’s medal for all distances (belt buckle for 100 milers!) all the food you can eat from Friday night to Monday’s lunch time, and a rocking good time!

A portion of every runner’s registration fee will be donated to Montgomery Bell State Park to be used to help build an ADA-compliant trail within the park.

IMPORTANT:  We joke that we put on very serious races. The truth is, these races are the OPPOSITE of serious. This is not about competition. We want to see every person cross the finish line and we want to see them do it with a smile on their face. We don’t care if you stop mid-race to take a nap or if you run 100 miles in under 24 hours. We just want you to have fun. We only give awards to the last finishers, not the first. He/she who endures the longest, earns a prize for perseverance.

This is about camaraderie and a fun family friendly weekend and crushing goals, not about beating someone else. It’s you vs. you.



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