Run Chattanooga was created for the people of the Chattanooga area.  For the runners and for the people who aspire to be runners, for the people who want to get in shape and for the people who already are in shape, for the people who want to experience new routes, try new things, and meet some great people along the way.  We strive to make Chattanooga – and the surrounding area – a great place to live and run.  We do this by encouraging each other, enjoying each other’s company, and engaging in a healthy and rewarding activity.

Run Chattanooga is absolutely free, and exists because of the hard work of volunteers.

So, whether you can run a six minute mile without breaking a sweat, or if you’ve never run a single step, we invite you to join us.  There’s someone just like you among us.  You just might find a new training partner, a new friend-for-life, or just some like-minded people out to have a great time.  Or, you might find some inspiration, or be the inspiration to someone else. At the end of the day, Run Chattanooga is about supporting and celebrating each other.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Do you have a date for 2016 yet? I’m filling my calendar and my Ohio friends are interested as well. Tim Mahaffey (Florida)

  2. Hello, we are interested in hosting a mud run in the Chattanooga area to support the local Boys and Girls Club. We are looking for a partner to organize the event. Please call me at 423.505.9510. Thank you for your help, Chris.

  3. Can an individual rent a bed in the”group cabins”at Run Amok? Is this done through the race or the park? Thanks.

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